Give me a call at (816) 665-4707 if you need any help with purchasing handbells or selling your handbells (or chimes). I will be glad to help!


Individual Bells:

C#4  –  $428 new (lower third oct.)  ($300)

D#4 – $409 new (lower third oct.)  ($290)

E4 – $387 new (lower third oct.)  ($275)

G#4 – $318 new (lower second oct.)  ($240)

A7 – $197 new (upper fifth oct.)  ($135)

B7 – $197 new (upper fifth oct.)  ($135)

Miscellaneous lightly used handbell mallets for 1/2 price plus s&h

Music folders $1.00 each

Four octaves refurbished Schulmerich handbells $10,000 (personal set) Bells will be professionally evaluated, polished, and adjusted before delivery.

Five octaves of Schulmerich handbells bought as a set approximately 30 years ago with Select-a-Strike clappers and old style flat black hand discs that are in good condition. Personally maintained annually by director. Call 402-421-2991 for more information. 

Seven Schulmerich tables, seven pieces of muslin-covered foam, and seven floor length corduroy table covers. Call 402-421-2991 for more information.