Pricing for 2019*

We refurbish major brands of American made handbells

Each invoice includes a list of work completed and a written evaluation that includes suggestions for future care and maintenance.

Replacement hand guards now available for Schulmerich handbells through Jeffers Handbell Supply.

Service Plus Refurbishment includes the following:

  • Hand polishing of casting interior and exterior, handle rivets, clapper heads and stems

  • Cleaning hand guards and yoke mechanisms

  • Replacing all anti-friction washers, neoprene bumpers, and clapper lock washers

  • Replacing nyliners as needed

  • Adjusting spring tension

  • Placing handbells in clear poly bags

  • Vacuuming bell cases

Other services required will be charged additional parts and labor fees. Please discuss this with our service representative before scheduling your refurbishment. Call 816-665-4707 or email Jean.

1 octave$500
2 octaves$900
3 octaves$1200
4 octaves $1600
4 1/2 octaves (upper fifth)$1800
4 1/2 octaves (lower fifth)$1875
5 octaves$2000

Prices above are basic labor charges only. Any additional parts and labor are at additional expense. The customer must provide the following before refurbishment starts: replacement parts for any cracked or broken handles, hand guards, and clappers. Malmark customers must purchase a complete set of restraining springs, making sure to order TWO springs for each handbell. If these are not brought with your handbells, completion time may be delayed while waiting for parts you will need to order and ship to us.

Please remember that the preferred and safest method of polishing your handbells is to polish them by hand. This is the only method we use and there is no additional charge for this service.

Please request a price quote if you would like have your restraining springs and/or locknuts replaced during your refurbishment or annual maintenance.

*Plus Parts

Individual Bell Repair:
A $37.50 minimum fee per bell plus parts will be charged for most repairs when done on an individual basis. A trip charge may also apply.

*Pricing Subject to Change Without Notice