The Annual Maintenance option allows more flexibility in maintaining handbells on an annual basis.  Cases can be brought in one or two cases each year for maintenance instead of having the expense of doing all maintenance at the same time.  Prices vary according to the number of bells and sizes of bells in each case.  Please give us a call to discuss at (816) 665-4707 or email here.

Annual Maintenance per Set (interior of castings not cleaned/polished):

1 octave$450
2 octaves$850
3 octaves$1150
4 octaves $1550
4 1/2 octaves (upper fifth)$1750
4 1/2 octaves (lower fifth)$1825
5 octaves$1950

Annual Maintenance per Case (interior of castings not cleaned/polished):

C3-D3 (3 bells)$105
D#3-F#3 (4 bells)$140
G3-B3 (5 bells)$175
C4-F#4 (7 bells)$210
G4-B4, C#6-G6 (12 bells)$265
C5-C6 (13 bells)$270
G#6-C7 (5 bells)$100
C#7-G7 (7 bells)$140
G#7-C8 (5 bells)$100

*Additional parts and labor charges may apply.  Prices subject to change.